How much extra fuel

How much extra fuel should I put on a flight from Dubai to Boston?

Depends on what aircraft you’re flying/fuel burn

If you are flying one of the newer (and/or reworked) aircraft, I would take 1.5-2h extra.

If flying one of the older aircraft (747, etc…), take around 3h extra…

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I recommend using a flight planner an simply set the amount of extra fuel: Infinite Flight FPL Converter

90 minutes extra plus a diversion airport which would be JFK most likely. I would recommend using sim brief

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I will be flying a 777.

Use about 1.5hr but it also depends on you wether it be altitudes , speeds and wind

1:30 extra gate to gate or time in air?

In-air, even though taxing uses very little fuel compared to in-flight…

The legal requirement is 30 min of fuel after your planes ETA

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