how much does weight affect landing speed?

was flying airbus a330 from Dubai to Osaka, the tailwind did the job adding a lot of speed i had to monitor and reduce throttle to not overspeed! however i think my fuel calculations were wrong, at final approach i had over 3 hours worth of fuel left 30k+ KG!

the a330 & the B777 are my favorite aircrafts in IF i almost never crash flying those two aircrafts, but i almost crashed today! while getting close to final approach my flaps were at 3 170kts speed! and as soon as my air speed gets down to 150kt i add flaps full it was normal at first but few seconds later the aircraft nose started to pitch down! while i am trying to bring the nose up the aircraft was still descending pretty fast, at that point i was so close to final as i am seeing the runway slowly disappearing from my sight cause i was going down (keep in mind it wasn’t a stall, my air speed was still about 150 kts) as i thought i am gonna crash my final decision was adding more throttle at about 160 to 170 kts the aircraft gained altitude i got to see the runway from above again like it’s should’ve been, and i landed at the correct landing spot with a speed of 170 kts at touch down! i was more than able to land at 160kts but i would have landed short of the runway i kept it at 170kts to pass the threshold mark cause i didn’t have enough time/distance to get up to 500ft i was too low so i had keep the speed,.

usually with the a330 my normal landing speed is 150 kts flaps full! please don’t mistake this with autopilot disengagement and calibrating cause i calibrated and disengaged autopilot when i was at 3000ft with air speed of 170kts flaps 3, i was manually flying from then,.

do you think 150 kts flaps full was too slow for 30k+ KG weight over 3 hours worth of fuel?! did i miscalculated my fuel?! was i too heavy during the final approach?!

how do you guys calculate fuel for a medium/long haul flight from west to east assuming you will be flying through strong tailwind at cruising altitude.

There is a glitch in the A330 where when you get to a certain speed (150kts I think) the airspeed would suddenly drop and you’d lose lift. It’s quite annoying, but you just have to pay attention to when it happen then TOGA until you’re at a safe speed

wait is it really a glitch? my air speed didn’t drop below 150kts tho!

I use FplToIF/Simbrief for route and fuel calculations. Simbrief take winds aloft into consideration.

Did you trim the aircraft? Sounds like you needed positive trim.

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@FBWFTW did a YouTube video on the glitch. Here it is.


Hey bud,
there is a bug for the A330 at flaps 4.
Just leave the flaps at 3 and your landing will be easier, smoother and at a lower stalling speed.
I hope that this will be corrected in the future
Blue skies :)

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no i didn’t trim, i never used trim during landings for a330 cause the flaps usually keep the nose up

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alright thanks guys, what a shame i like this aircraft ;.; hopefully they fix the bug soon

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