How much do you think Trumps private plane is worth?

How much money do you guys think Trump’s private plane is worth? Here is a pictures. download

It’s worth 100 Million USD.

In 2011, Trump bought it for $100 million. $100,000,000 in 2011 is equivalent to about $112,000,000 in today’s money (taking into consideration inflation rate)


Wow! You’re good with economics. But you missed one thing; he did it up a lot. He put Rolls Royce engines on it, did up the cabin and cockpit, so it’d say $170 Million, if not more.

You also need to factor in the amount of extra work Trump has put into it. He’s replaced the engines with Rolls Royce engines, re-done the interior, etc.

Doing work such as that doesn’t necessarily increase the value or worth of the aircraft. In fact it’s probably worth less given if its aged quite a bit, less support for the aircraft from Boeing etc. Lots of factors than the obvious are what matters with aircraft, it’s not a car.



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More then I ever will own