How much do you save with Live+?

I hear frequently that people choose live + because it’s cheaper than the monthly option. If it is cheaper how so, and would it be worth it for someone who already bought a lot of regions and aircrafts?

If you pay monthly, it works out to US$59.88. An annual live+ subscription is $49.99. You save just under $10 if you’re just looking at the live itself.


Live is 4.99$ per month.
Live+ is 49.99$ per year.

There is 12 months on a year - 4.99*12=59.88$
You save just about 10$ by buying Live+ that you can save on something else! :)


Yep. And then the airplanes are totally worth it. It saves you tons there


Does it tend to be worth it if you bought a lot of IAP’s?

Depends on if you like to play on live. It will depend on the person.

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I’ve bought practically all the variations of different aircraft, and a few regions. I’m fretting on buying Live +, as it includes everything I’ve paid for, apart from the Live subscription of course. I’ll probably buy it when Global comes out, as that will be something I haven’t yet paid for. Currently, I’ve only had monthly Live subscriptions, as I don’t want to spend extra money on stuff I already have. With nearly $300 dollars of aircraft and region purchases (not including monthly Live subscriptions), I think I’ll buy Live + when Global is released.


However, if you are looking at the Live, AND all paid aircraft that come with Live+, you’re saving a WHOPPING $176!!! .

How did I do these calculations? Well, I added up the cost of all paid aircraft, which is $166 (I know, crazy…) then added the $60 that you would be paying if you bought a Live subscription every month, for 12 months, which adds up to $226… (boi.) Then simply subtracted the $50 that you would pay if you just got Live+.

Correct me if I’m wrong. :)


For sure, but the OP has already made a significant investment. So I just looked at the cost of accessing live.

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Live+ all the way, which I hope it give us a discount when globals out

Will with Live, its £4 and your only getting to play online for a month. With Live+ you get to play online for a while year and your get ATC and you get all aircaft and regions so even though £40 does sound like a lot of money, it’s well worth it! (Live+ is what I have)

If you are a frequent flyer buy live+. If you play once in a blue moon go live. If you are a frequent flyer of course live+ is worth and the best option for you.

Okay, simple maths :
Live + is worth always, because

  • live alone for 12 months is more expensive
  • you get to fly all aircraft as for free on top
  • you get to fly in all regions as well

I had more then half the IAP, still saved a ton.


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