How much do you know about IF's regions?

What 3 regions do we have that have at least 2 countries in them? And what are those countries?

Say your answer here, and I’ll PM you :)

Singapore and SoCal

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

California and Mexico

Amsterdam (Netherlands, Germany)
Socal (USA and Mexico)
Singapore + Kuala Lumpur (Singapore, Malaysia)


Singapore: Singapore- Malaysia
Social: USA-Mexico
Amsterdam: Netherlands-Germany-Belgium

They’re four: Singaoore & Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Southern California and the Carebbean.


Spelling bro

Singapore* Carribbean*

But yeah it’s Amsterdam, Carribbean, Singapore and KL and So-Cal

Yeah, true… Woke up at 5:30 and autocorrect didn’t want to help me :/

But “Caribbean” is spelled with one R only.

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This one was easy. Something harder next time :)

My auto correct didnt work either

Just joking with you man hahaha

Singapore, SoCal, Amsterdam

Singapore , Malaysia, Indonesia

USA, Mexico

France, Netherlands, Belguim, Germany.

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Countries, not states/cities…

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Im sorry. North America, South America.

Mexico and the US are both North America.

But I’m talking about countries not continents

that was in reply to @Furtive_masstwofourf 's post

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Ok, sorry about that