How much day that i can get my grade 3 back?

As you know, when you’re on ground frequency are automatically tuned to “ground”.
At this time i want to asking some little question.

" I was accidentally Clicking ‘request freq. Change 2x’ on expert server, and ATC said "stay on my freq. And unfortunately i clicks again for requesting take off. I think i was tuned to “Tower” so i click ‘request freq. Change’ (from Ground to Tower), (my fault, and get reported, and invisible for 60min.)and my grade down to 2. (I was grade 3 before)

my question is: how much day i can get my Grade 3 back? (Here i will show my stats)

previously I apologize because my English is not good or polite,


Grade 3 in 3 days. Expert server in 7 days


The information which may help is written on the left hand side in the image.


I have been ghosted too before. You can gain access back to Expert after 3 days as you gained your Grade 3 ;)


It seems that you would require 3 days to return to Grade 3 which means that you’ll miss out on expert server till you return to grade 3.


Ok, I think im ghosted for 7 days :) lol
understand. Thank you :)

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Thanks for assisting the OP! :)