How much data would play IF use?

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Haven’t played IF in a while due to it not having offline access (still hoping for it to be added). How much data would doing a flight in solo use?

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Depends on the length, to save data you could turn it off midflight. You won’t get scenery for then but you will have reduced data usage.

I don’t have pro, so only around 30 minutes max.

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There’s like a gazillion topics about this…

Above suggestion is not recommended as it can cause a number of different issues.

There are no numbers specified for data usage, but… it seems to be around 10-30mb/hour counting high. Assuming you already have all the aircrafts downloaded. Otherwise it will be higher those times aircrafts in Live are required to be downloaded.

People have been discussing it a bit here:


Okay, thank you very much!

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