How much data does IF Global use?

I’ve looked around and have seen a few varying answered here and there already, but still leaves me a bit unsure. I recently have been having internet connection problems and most likely won’t be able to get it fixed in a few weeks. I am on a 6-month IF subscription and would really like to be able to fly as much as possible. I have a good 10GB per month data plan which works perfectly fine with other mobile games, but since IF streams terrain, I was wondering if I would still be able to fly a considerable amount without draining my data completely.

Let me know if you have experience with this, and/if you have rough statistics about the data usage. Just wondering if I should continue to fly or not. If there is a topic with a clear answer that I have missed, just let me know too.

Thank you!

I says I used 9.5 GB on it in my settings and I don’t really understand data usage that much. :)

If you have limited data, I wouldn’t use mobile data because like you said, no one is really sure how much it will use considering it depends on a lot of factors

@Drummer is right. I wouldn’t recommend flying too much on a limited plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly at all! Happy flying!

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It doesn’t use a whole lot in my experience. I left my phone on mobile doing a short haul for about an hour and used 160mb

With that math, long hauls would cost a GB of data

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I think it depends more on the quality of scenery too. The 160mb wasn’t for the whole time as i was connected to wifi at the start but am unsure whne it dropped to mobile.

To give an honest answer, it depends. If the scenery you are flying through is already downloaded on your device (as in you flew over it before), it won’t take much as all it needs is to keep you connected to the servers, wind etc. However, if you fly over new scenery it can take considerably more data, however I don’t know how much. One way to bypass this though is to continuously see one scenery patch or no scenery at all. This can be done by going to the tail camera and pointing it upwards to the sky, or leaving the free camera in a place and leave it while your plane flies away. This will keep you from streaming new scenery during cruise, helping decrease data consumption.

As Seb has said before, IF needs a internet connection of 1 mbps to run smoothly on the servers. However, I believe the 1 mbps consists of streaming new scenery, flying close to other planes and downloading their aircraft (another way to save data is to have Aircraft Count in the Live section of settings to “off” to not download their aircraft and liveries), talking to atc, etc. So if you fly remotely from other planes, don’t use ATC, show no other live aircraft, and most importantly don’t stream new scenery, I believe it shouldn’t take too much data, however I am not sure how much it will take! Hope this helps and is correct, if something is wrong feel free to correct me!


Ive done 59mb which is a speck for me. I usually only go on data if im picking up my brother. Otherwise it never really chews up data that quickly for me

I use mt data and you have to take into consideration how often someone flies to get a realistic picture. I fly around 20 hours per week and use around 7.8GB

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