How much cargo should I take?

I’m wondering how much cargo I should take when flying the B777, A350 and B787. I’m trying to take as much cargo as possible while staying below MTOW.

Hey Philippe! Pack your fuel and passengers and then keep packing more cargo until you hit your MTOW. Fuel is the priority.

Here’s a table of the average specs of those aircraft:

Aircraft Pax. MTOW (kg)
B777-200ER 305 297,550
B777-300ER 396 351,500
B787-8 242 227,930
B787-9 280 254,011
B787-10 330 254,011
A350-900 325 254,011

You can use this to calculate how much extra room you have to hold cargo.


When I try to pack 20 hours of fuel (let’s say I wanna do KEWR - WSSS), I can only take up to 8 tons of cargo. Is it really realistic to take only 8 tons cuz I know baggage is heavy and they also have other cargo

Since EWR-SIN is operated with the A359ULR, then there will obviously be less seats on the aircraft (161 to be exact). Total cargo really depends, but should be reasonable. A good estimate that I do is multiply 161 by 50 to get 8050lbs and converting it to kgs gets me to ~3651kgs. You can add any additional cargo to your liking, but I usually add around 500-1000kgs. For this example it would be more reasonable to take around 4500 kgs of cargo with a full load of pax and filling the tanks all the way to 21:16 hours before exceeding MTOW. If you’re keeping the fuel at 20:00, then the max cargo you can take is ~11500Kgs

Basically calculating cargo based on pax is a great start, and adding a reasonable amount of additional cargo (like 1000kgs) should be fine.

I hope you didn’t get confused with my paragraph :/

Also this is only for the A359 but the general calculations are useful for all aircraft

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Not per say. The plane Singapore uses for that has 161 seats. With 8 tones let’s assume every pax is carrying the max baggage allowed by Singapore airlines, and use the weight airlines use for pax, and every passenger is ~250 lbs. with 8 tones you can fit about 61 people. So I mean it’s about right for mid pandemic 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Why converting it to Kgs ? Isn’t the result already in kilograms ? For example most of the time the weight you can bring is 46 kgs (2× 23kgs) so 46 kgs in total so you just do 161 × 46 . Why not just do that ? That’s what I do.

I’m more used to pounds so the 50 is actually pounds but yes you can most definitely go that way. But I actually think I’ll go with your simplifies method now, so thanks for the insight 😁

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No problem and thanks. 😂 because I was bit confused when you explained coz we can change Infinite flight unit to kgs instead of ibs in settings so all good.

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Just note that 50 lbs of baggage weight (at least, depends on the aircraft in IF) are included in the weight of a single passenger, so generally, I’d only take 2000-2500 lbs in a heavy passenger aircraft.

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