How much cargo do commercial planes usually have?

How much cargo is carried on commercial and planes usually. Obviously there are many factors like plane type and passengers but would would an average plane like 737 or A321 usually carry

Depends on the airline I think, some budget airlines allow very little or none at all. For bigger airlines, as much as they can go without exceeding MTOW, or exceeding MLW upon approach because passengers are going to have to pay for the extra fuel burn

I think, not too sure


I’ve always wondered this too. What’s a realistic weight for cargo when doing a passenger flight? If a plane has 10,000 kg of pax and carry on how much weight in checked bags in cargo would it have?

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I was told that for bags, they do 30lbs per bag per bag brought on.


You wont be able to get a specific number as all airlines work differently and theres just too many factors which play into it.

If you use a standard weight of 189 lbs (86 kg) per pax and add 20 lbs(9 kg) for hand luggage you get a total of 209 lbs(95 kg) per pax

Checked baggage: 44 lbs (20 kg) per pax

10000 kg/95 kg= 105 pax
105 pax x 44 lbs(20 kg) (checked cargo) = 4620 lbs/2096 kg

Read more about it here:


Alaska 737s carry a lot to/from Alaska to support the fish industry. They actually carry for cargo under their passenger planes than on their cargo planes.


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