How may I get my logbook back?

I lost the logbook within IF after updated to the newest iOS IF (deleted the app and downloaded from the iTunes Store again and things got very smoothly.)
I found a past solution on IFC, Can I get my logbook back going through the same process, deleting IF and download it again?
Appreciate any help🛬😎🛫

You can try however it is one of those things that gets deleted when you delete the app.


Thanks. Appreciate it🛬👍🏼🛫

Just really want to keep all the flight records😎

Insterestingly, I dropped out of the IF skies about 1yr ago and reenterred on last Sep also. Of course, I caught the “global” flight this time. What make it different from yesterday’s experience, in term of the logbook, is I still had all my flight logs (at least the Live ones) on the logbook. That’s the reason I wonder if And how I may get the original logs back🛬🧐🛫

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