How many years does it take until inactive accounts are deleted?

Exactly what the title says. Just want to know how many years it takes until inactive accounts on the forum are deleted.

Someone with a username which id like to steal has been inactive for around 2 years. Would like to know how longer i have to wait

I don’t think they’re ever deleted. I might be wrong though.

Well we did spontaneously go from having 70,000 members to less than 59,000

Here is what the the announcement on discourse about deleting inactive users says:

Delete accounts that have never participated, are trust level 0 and have not been seen in 2 years

Discourse now includes a new site setting called clean up inactive users after days this is set 730 days by default.

Once a day Discourse will find all user accounts that

  • Never posted anything on Discourse
  • If you posted something and then deleted it you will not be eligible for clean up.
  • Have not been seen for clean up inactive users after days
  • Are trust level zero

This change is in place so Discourse default protects end users and removes emails of completely unused accounts.

If you wish to disable the feature, set clean up inactive users after days to high number.

But we don’t know whether the staff here have set that setting to a higher number


Hmm okay, cheers.

Hopefully a mod can jump in and let us know the number.

We could test with your account lol

We have not changed that setting.


Cheers. Looks like I got some time until I can change my account name.

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