How many votes do you get in total?

I would like to know how many votes you get so that I can use mine wisely.

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It varies by trust level. I know that Regulars get twenty. I’m a Member, so I have ten.

Your best bet in my opinion is to just vote for a bunch of stuff until you reach your limit, go into your profile, and count how many requests you’ve voted for.

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Basic: 5

Member: 10

Regular: 20


okay thanks!


Could a regular tell me how my community reputation is doing?

Regulars can not do that. Only moderators and admins can, however they cannot tell you as it could be seen as a risk of TL farming. Just a precautionary measure.

Just stay active a little more and I’m sure you’ll get Member in a few days if that!

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Ah okay, sorry.

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