how many VA's can I be at once

hi I’m just wondering how many virtual airlines you can be in at once

As far as I know, as many as you want.


I think it’s limitless hahah, but try not forget that you are in one. :)


Certain Virtual Airlines may have limits and/ or preferences to how many other VAs you are in.

Other than those rules, the rule of thumb is to make sure you are not in too many where you cannot be an active and attentive member. Just don’t spread yourself too thin, and have fun!


It depends. You might want to check up with the VAs that youre applying for and make sure they allow for you to be in multiple VAs. I know for a fact AAVA and DLVA allow for you to be in multiple VAs. If you wanna be like @MrMrMan, go ahead, but make sure you fly for all of them, because VAs have a set number of members, and they tend to cut out inactives each month or so.

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As many as you want! Just don’t be like me and join 10 VA’s. You will regret it. Unless you keep up of course and fly!

The rule for staff member is that you can only be in 2 VA’s as staff. And only 1 as CEO, however as a pilot, its limitless


What are you talking about? I’m only in 2 VAs…

plus 5 VOs…



@MrMrMan Man I have no idea how you stay active in all of em. Haha

I don’t know either. 😂

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Haha. I used to be in 10, but it was so much on me. I’ll list them: AAVA, CVA, NWVA, SVA, UVA, SWV, FDXVA, DLVA, Porter, and EasyJet. I didn’t want to stay in them for two reasons- I didn’t want to take up space for another possible pilot, and it was too much on me to actively fly for them all. I’m in 4 now.


As long as you aren’t too busy with them 👍🏻

Good point. I learned this the hard way and had to quit 3 vas in 1 hour due to not doing a flight in a long time for the va. @rileymoyer

The amount is endless as we have so many great VA’s on IFC!

There was a guy who will not be named that joined a ton of VAs and was subsequently black listed…

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Each VA will have their own requirements on what they will and wont accept. Some have no restrictions and others have more restrictions. Personaly I am a member, and staff, at one VA which I then fly about 50% of my flights for that VA. the rest of the time I fly other routes that I am keen to see the world, or for FNF etc.

AS others have said its better not to spread yourself to thinnly as then you wont enjoy your VA experince Join one or two that you like the look of and can use to gain more experince at, that way it will remain fun and exciting!

happy landings

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No one would care if you are in every single VA but VA’s do have strict rules which might end up you getting kicked out or banned fromantic the as most of the VA’s prefer the day Saturday because many members are free on that day so if you are in 10 VA’s you might end up getting kicked as their rules (EXAMPLE - Please attend 1 event in every 2 weeks otherwise you will be facing serious consequences. ) Similar rules are taken seriously in most of the VA’s.


I’m in DLVA AAVA UVA SWVA BAVA ACVA JBVA QFVA KAVA. And no one has said anything

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Thanks for all the replies. To summarize, check with the individual VAs as each has their own rules as far as membership to other VAs either as staff or pilots.