How many VA’s

How many virtual airlines is one pilot allowed to be in?

As many as you can handle, as long as one of them doesn’t have a policy where you can’t be in another one (I’m not even sure if they can do that).

Many VAs do have activity requirements, so as many as you want while maintaining the activity requirements.

I am in like, five or six. I didn’t even notice 😂


Alrighty thanks

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I’m in all of the ones on my profile and I just got accepted to Alaska Virtual. Just gotta wait for my test results. And Chief Pilot for (soon to be) Cargolux Virtual.


Good luck and thanks for responding

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Good luck, and you’re welcome!

Yeah just be careful. I used to be in 6 VA’s during the summer, then school happened and I dropped out of 4 of them.

UVAL for life

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Ha I’m in UVAL too great VA

But my main question is, how come I can’t find the website links for most airlines?

All depends on the VA policy. The one I own we only want pilots in two VAs.

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Websites should be linked in the airline thread in #live:va.