How many VA are there in IF?

Hello i was wondering how many virtual airlines is there in IF and wich one is the biggest?

Check this.


Thank you!

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And if you know, wich one is the biggest?

It’s either Delta Virtual or British Airways Virtual

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Aha thank you!

By biggest, what do you mean? Fleet? Pilots? Routes? All of those factors make a difference. :)

Check out the post linked by @Delta319, that should give you everything you need.


I think by mebers…

If we’re talking about members only, then I believe BAVA is the biggest VA out there.

As mentioned, the thread posted by @Delta319 should have everything you need. There are many quality VAs and VOs out there for you to discover.

For example, I am in DLVA and AFKLM as far as virtual airlines go. I’ve been in DLVA for over 7 months, and the experience is amazing. I’m also the Event Manager, so I am biased. I don’t, however, lie about the experience a VA like Delta Virtual can provide.

I joined AFKLM a while after DLVA, and it’s also a great VA. They have great pilots, helpful staff, and fun group flights.

Whichever VA you choose, if you do choose to join one of the many, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! :)


Okay thank you!


I’m always happy to help! :)

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