How many times have you flown before? (IRL)

I have flown on an aircraft 18 times. I have been on an aircraft too many times to count.

Enough times to make it count

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Probably about 50-60 times… I dont exactly now

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I have flown 30 times, which is incredible to my friends who’ve flown 0 times.

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Haha i have some of those friends too!

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I totally lost count after a hundred😁

155 times so far. Luckily my dad wrote down all the flights I’ve ever been on, including airline, flight number, type and even the registration.

All flights since 1998:

Got way over 30 flights in my logbook, but as for general flights… God knows.

I’ve flown 30 times, it’s quite surprising to my friends who have all flown for a combined 0 times.

I’ve lost count. Just in general I try to fly as much as I can.

Oh and you know what’s absolutely hilarious. I was going to take a flight to Dallas from San Antonio AND THAT GOT CANCELED. Can’t catch a break with any airline.

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I think about 43 times that I remember, mostly long hauls

It’s been 2 long sweaty years since I’ve had a trip with a flight that’s not been canceled

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