How many "replies" can you send

what the title says. im a trust level basic and yesterday i was just replying to questions i saw here on the forum but after a while it said “wait 24 hours” now my question is, how many posts/messages/replies can you send/make. is that like 100 or when a bot thinks you’re spamming?

This might answer your question

partially,i dont see why i was given a 24 hour timout. i did not say/post anything offensive. and i dont see that there is a cap of how many things you can post.

“For a new user this rule is so the new user can just see how everything works, before he/she posts too many posts.”

.thank you.

You’re welcome :)

Our pleasure: We like having you guys around too

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These are called ‘rate limits’. As the name suggests they limit what users can do such as number of flags, topics & messages per day etc.

Probably ask an admin as they can change these. However, I assume they are at a default setting. E. G: You should have 20 topics and messages per day.

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