How many pics can I upload?

I just did a flight on the advanced server and I have 40 pics I want to upload. Is that ok?

Please don’t… Maybe pick the better ones and just post those, or post a couple ever hour or something like that.


So don’t post them all at once?

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No just confirming

No one wants to or is going to scroll down 40 of your photos. For your sake and ours, don’t post them all at once.


It’s less that nobody’s going to look at your photos (I’m sure they’re great), but photos take up storage. I’m sure Philippe doesn’t want to pay for unnecessary storage because people upload so many photos. It’s the same reason why we only allow 1 picture per feature request.


One word. Imgur

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Yeah just make an imgur album and post the link.


In case you don’t know what Imgur is:

Flickr is another option- you can set it to upload all your phone photos, and then if you link them on the forum they will show the picture.

That’s what I do, great idea!

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