How many people can play on a server at a time.

How many can be at a time on casual,training and expert server.

There is no real limit. However, at times after new updates servers can become laggy as a result of extreme usage. Hope this helps!

Is there really a need for a whole,new topic on this?

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I have no idea if there is is a server limit but I have experienced some server crashes at busy times.

There is a server load limit. When the expert and training server crashed a couple months ago the casual server was filled. The server load was at its max load and you were unable to spawn in but instead greeted by a notification since the load was at its max.

Here are the current server limits according to the infinite tracker app on android:

Expert server: 1000
Training server: 1500
Casual server: 800


Note: these may be outdated


I always set aircraft count to low

Thank you everyone for all the help appreciate it so.much😁😁😁😁and thanks for being so positive appreciate it

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