How many of you actually listen to the approach controller?

I love being ATC but I like to be approach. As you know people they don’t listen to you. When the pilot request’s for an ILS approach and they don’t turn the right heading or descent to an altitude. It really does annoy me. Anybody else had this experience, if so tell me!

  • Actually listen to the controller
  • Sometimes. (Pathetic)
  • What’s an “ATC?” (Did it for the Banter)

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You’ll find that the people who don’t follow instructions probably do not visit this forum.


i think the reason they don’t listen is that they are not advanced. there really needs to be a rank where you can be atc verified and if people see that while your atc on approach or something they will listen to you because they know your the real deal and not a troll or someone who is guessing. just like twitter u know, u get the check mark for verified, if should incorporate that


I totally agree with you gunjan Patel,many of them don’t understand what it means exactly.


I don’t need to listen to approach because I am approach. Haha! :)


On the Advanced server I always listen to the controllers, on the Playground it depends on what they are asking me to do.


I was on ILS approach into KLAX and then the ACT told me to turn heading 020 the I’m cleared for ILS approach. I said unable as turning 020 would make we go the complete wrong way, KPSP way.

Was I in the wrong or was he?

I was cleared in KASE for ILS at FL180 flying heading 180 with 15nm to go. Yet, I still listen…

When flying on Advanced, I always do for fear of being ghosted. If on Playground, I listen with a close eye on my flight plan to avoid ‘turn left heading 300’ while I’m heading 280

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Last night on advanced someone was cleared ILS approach at fl230 80nm from the airport!!! D:

ATC immediately issued a correction though. No one’s perfect. ATC service is a two-way street. Always read back and be sure it makes sense.

The issues come when ATC is purposefully vectoring you away from the airport for spacing. Some people just don’t get that.

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Take a test and work your way up to be an Advanced Atc controller. For me its the best thing ever done. I hate when they don’t listen on PG on approach controller i know.


It’s good being vectored by approach, advanced of course. The landing is always spoilt by tower when changing runways, e.g. LAX


I do listen to them but I’m wary because you cannot tell who’s a good controller and who isn’t. Some of them give me a vector and forget about me and let me fly off away from the airport which then makes me turn myself, and makes me doubt every approach controllers vectors on the playground server


I was just controlling at KDEN and KASE APP. I had a lot of people not following instructions. Believe it or not, if you do what the controller asks you to do on the ground faster than if you were to ignore it and most probably be ghosted.

I tried it out now on Playground. Only 1 player fully listened to me. Others kept asking for ILS approach Rwy 09 (KSAN), others spammed unable or initiated turns when I didn’t tell them to. Others requested flight followings for LAX although I’m approach at KSAN.

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Actually, you can give radar vectors and flight following. Especially if there is not departure.

Los Angeles Center and Approach was active though and I told him to change frequency to center :) I’m probably too harsh to him . Sowwwwy :)

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Everyone is obviously going to vote Yes.

I listen every time. Only when he tells me to descend to 1000 feet 20 miles away then j dont listen