How many new airports in Global Flight?

This is my point…as much as it’s global and ofcourse expect at or above 85% of the world airports covered i don’t expect every single grass airstrip in each and every country to be covered atleast not for the first update on this…tbh am quite sure after the update is thrown…you won’t miss someone reporting an airstrip missing or wrongly done…get my point now


true, because many airpots are closing IRL, and are being deleted in IF


Too many!!

Will they add Auckland?

They will most likely add all major airports. Or any airport that has a commercial flight to it.

I’ll clarify being the airport editing lead:

we have data for around 27k airports around the world. There’s a high chance your home airport is there :)

now, whether it is 100% detailed, that’s up to the editors ;-)


I know one of mine is that ks to @JFKPlaneSpotter. Thanks again Patrick!

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No problem! :) EGAC was also done (not by me)

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