How many new airports in Global Flight?

Simple question, how many airports and what ones will be added?


However many the airport editing team can make😊


Every airport pretty much 😊


I only want 3 new ones MCI, XNA, and ATL. Though they have probally been made.

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They are concentrating on the big major airports that can handle a380 (which is about 80 airports)

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whenever I can get to a laptop anytime I will add AMM-AUH and DOH

There are some of us “editors” who work the smaller airports :)


Excellent never forget the minor places where I learn to fly first

Then I have a final question, how can I qualify to edit airports?

@Delta_Virtual check Infinite Flight Airport Editing, you’ll need to download the ones listed and then send a mail to :)

Will they add KBOS?

So if I create airports, can I add MCI and XNA myself?

Also I’m wondering if there taking care of African airports because there is one major airport is west Africa LOS and that is where I’m going.

Basically every airport currently existing.

Global = world So yeah :D

I wish they would add the Houston,Texas region. That would be fun.

If not before Global, then it will be in Global :)

He must have stated that almost for for a very good reason…i know most people didn’t catch that but…this statement judges some response here as somehow misleading

I can put Houston airport on my to do list of airports if you want :)

I believe he said almost because not every island is habitable ;)

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