How Many KLM747 Can YOU Find At TNCM? :)

Luckily, we are fortunate to have the opportunity of flying in a game with many great updates. With the most recent one adding TNCM, I thought no better way to celebrate this morning then to go back to the good-ol’-days and fly a KLM 747 from St Martin to Amsterdam! (expert server)
When I pushed back, I noticed 3 KLM 747 bound for/from the same route that I was doing!!

I’m sure most of you have tried TNCM today with the new 3D update, so if you have or if you are planning to, be sure to leave a comment and a photo showing how many KLM 747’s you found in one sitting at TNCM!
Have a great day everyone!!!


That EHAM-TNCM route is not only a route, Is a classic.

Nice picture!


You guys should head to Gibraltar Airport! There is a freaking road passing through the runway, with REAL CARS at both sides!

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Will do! That sounds cool! What’s the airport code?

I Think is LXGB

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Thanks! I’ll def check it out!

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