How many Jet bridges are on a certain gate

Now when jet bridges are functional and animated i feel like we should have information ahout how many jet bridges are on a gate before spawning.

  1. Cause it just looks weird when you are a 737 at a gate where there are 3 jet bridges
  2. Cause you are taking space from someone who needs 3 jet bridges and then they need to wait for you to go. On a small airport where theres only 2 or 3 gates with 2 or 3 jet bridges

Maybe put an option so when you click a gate on the airport map before spawning it shows info somewhere on the screen like
Jet bridges: 3 or 1 or 2.

If you like this idea please vote so someone may see it.

Why not check which gate the flight you are flying departed from? Many airport also split their domestic (smaller aircraft) and international (larger aircraft) terminals, so that might help in the meantime.


Yea i know but, in London Heathrow for example there is a gate where jet bridges go like 1 then 2 then 3 then 2 and stuff like that and not just Heathrow but many other

I’ve noticed that this isn’t always completely accurate. The one example i’ve seen is at SCEL, some of the gates that have 2 jet bridges IRL only have 1 in the game.


You can do 2 things

  1. Spawn in a gate and see how many jet bridges it has. If you are in a 737 and spawned in a 3 jet bridge gate, go to the free camera and find a gate which has 1 jet bridge and respawn in that gate.
  2. Go to FR24 or google earth and go to the airport in which you want to spawn in. Find a suitable gate on the maps, find it on IF and spawn there.
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Yea of course but, why would you do that if you can just see how many it has if they add it

Maybe not in this topic but that shouldn’t be the case. Not everything is going to be spot on but you can let us know of issues like that.

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