How many hours in real life is 8,093.3 nm

I am trying how to calculate but i cant so pls someone teach me or just tell me how many hours does it take

What route are you doing? I can’t really give a time due to many factors such as wind, however I would be able to if I have a route.


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figure out your speed and then distance divided by speed will get you the time it will take

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What you mean? Is it when im flying already?

Dubai to Doha would be around an hour, and then Doha to Los Angeles would we around 16:15.

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I gave you the formula.

anyways it would be around 16-17 hours of a flight

Thanks, how do you calculate it tho?

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Think about it like this:

On average 500nm takes around an hour depending on winds, so 8000nm will take around 16 hours total

I searched it up, internet is quite useful.’
“Doha to Los Angeles flight time”

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Ok thank you

Feel free to use to get accurate flight times with any route in any plane.

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Ok tahnks so much

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But how do i use this website

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I shall take this to a PM.

you just simply fill out all the information and then hit enter

So select the aircraft, then the departure and arrival airport, then select how much extra fuel you want (on super long flights I do 60 mins extra), and then select how many passengers and how much cargo and select alternate airport (I think you can disregard), and plan stepclimb is do you want to climb to higher altitudes throughout the flight.

Edit: I did not see Pilot Felix comment

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It depends on the ground speed. So divide it by that instead of IAS since it doesn’t account for winds.

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500nm is about 1 hour give or take

in short: a lot
long answer: a lot a lot

Hello, I recommend you use , it is the one I use to calculate the time of my routes, i hope it helps you.