How many hours does everyone have on Infinite Flight?

I’ve got very few hours compared to some people on this app cuz I got 1197hours and 30 mins counting. ( currently at TOD on my JFK-DOH route)


Stats for J-F V
Online Flights: 1,362
Grade: Grade 5
Total XP: 739,231
Landing Count: 1,964
Total Flight Time: 786:57
ATC Operations: 81,313
ATC Rank: ATC Specialist
Status: Not Active

Only 786 hours but … attended hours…not sleeping-while-the-plane-is-flying-hours

Ya know…that kind of hours


I’m here and still flying my dear friend and this is my record for now 👇🏻.


I hope that gives hope to other pilots to keep flying .


Upwards of 1,000
(we’re not talking about vio’s though ._.)


dude, where do you get ideas for new flights?

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This is my live stats.

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Setting the Mark for us haha …. Them hours are insane. Take 6 months off jk jk

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I have 606 hours

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I just make my route and fly anywhere 😉😉😉 .

Way too many to be healthy, I think I’m closing in on 11,500.

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Holay, I am probably never reaching that

I like to publish my records for everyone to be motivating for them .

I hope for your sanity you never reach that.

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ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن على هالارقام الحلوه استمر يا صديقي .

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والله قطعت عن اللعبه فتره ولا كان جبت ارقام طيبه لكن نعوضها ان شاءالله بالايام الجايه على خير وشكرا لك على الكلام الطيب

I left the game for a while, if I had completed it, I would have reached more than 10,000 hours, but I will make up for it, God willing.

I’m definitely about reach 7000+ hours if I take on a bunch of flights for a week or two

How do y’all batteries survive those hours 😭

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Charge your device when you fly :)

Nah meant the battery durability, when you charge / use (doesn’t have to be together) it degrades the battery over time with lithium ion this means it holds less charge over time until you need a battery replacement much sooner.

All I’m going to say is Warranties are your friend in this Case haha 😂