How many hours do you need for various licenses?

Hello this is a topic just to tell you guys if anybody has a list of pilots…of like how much hours do you need to be private then how much to regional…commercial etc.

To add realism at least for me

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40 hours minimum to obtain a PPL. This includes Solo flying, night flying, and a certain number of Landings in both day and night. In addition to the 40 hours, you will need a medical certificate (Class 3 minimum), and will need to pass the Oral and Written exam, and a PPL check ride.

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1000hrs required if you qualify under the R-ATP or Restricted ATP program. Otherwise its 1500hrs


Nope, not even close. Legacy airlines will hire you around 1500 hours, unless you train with a part 141 school. The minimum is then 1000 hours. You can get a job at a smaller airline without the 1000/1500

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Ok thanks, I’m not a pilot myself so thats just what I heard from a friend that flies for AS

Well this is from real life but I want to apply it to IF and the medical one etc. I can’t do

If you go to airline websites you can probably find a couple numbers, but maybe not.

So I want to make it realistic and fly a Cessna (EX) for the hours real life pilots do, then rank up to regional with the hours needed then on and on

But I will definitely check out airline websites

Yes. You will need to fly the Cessna. Mostly maneuvers, patterns, stalls, etc. You will need ATC proficiency as well. You will need night flight hours as well. It will get pretty boring due to the outdated C172 model.

Probably won’t help much but Alaska Airlines requires 4000 hours to fly a 737. At least that is what a pilot told me.

Thanks everybody, my question was answered

25 hours minimum for an NPPL(M). Passed mine in about 40 hours though due to delays in getting the GST

For what country? If it’s for the US, you have your answers… 40 for PPL and 1,000 with a R-ATP and 1500 hours for an ATP

There are the minimum requirements, and then there is the actual time it takes - for those initial certificates PPL, Instrument, Commercial, it’s a good idea to add a little buffer.

  • PPL requires 40 hours, but a safe assumption would be closer to 50 hours
  • Instrument has several time requirements: (1) 50 hours of cross-country time, (2) 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument flying, (3) 15 hours of instrument training. Some of this time can be gained while training for your PPL, but I’d say it’s safe to assume an additional 50 hours.
  • Commercial requires 250 hours, but you will probably only need the 250 required without much additional.
  • Same goes for ATP (either 1,000 or 1,500).

But if you’re just looking at a reasonable estimate to achieve Private and Instrument: I would estimate roughly 100 hours.

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Isn’t there a CPL (Commercial Pilots License) at about 150 hrs as well?

That’s 250 hours of you are going the none R-ATP route. I think the R-ATP CPL license is less

In the UK, first off you need 45 hours for the PPL which is broken down into minimum 25 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo minimum. No night experience is required for this, as well as a 150nm cross country solo.

A night rating consists of 5 hours which is separate.

To do the CPL you need minimum 150 hours but ideally 175 as it is a 25-hour course and thus will take you to 200 hours.

To be fully qualified I believe it’s a minimum of 250 hours which will be obtained easily once the other bits in between are completed such as the MEP and MEIR etc.

If you’re not British, this might help another British person on here anyways.