How many GeminiJets do you have, and what are your favorites?

Yes I know this post is 5 months old.

I have the following (that my brother hasn’t broken):

• Air Force 1
• United 767-300 (old livery)
• JetBlue A320 (100th A320 livery)
• United A319
• Emirates A340-500
• Korean Air A330-300
• Condor DC-10
• Swiss A330-200
• U.S. Airways A321
• JetBlue A320 (10th anniversary livery [seen this at SJU in real life])
• Etihad A330-200 (old livery)
• PanAm 727
• Air Jamaica 737-800
• IranAir 747SP
• Delta 747-400

Surprisingly these are all on display at one airport.

Does any one have special livery Emirates A380’s? Or any other special liveries?

@TC_JWC should see this

That looks really cool!

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@TC_JWC whose man’s is this? he played himself hard for not making a american terminal. Kid went with royal air moroc instead. Any thoughts bros?

I think I have like 11 or 12, something in that area. My favorite is a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300

Is that Jetblue A320 a 1:200 scale? I am looking for one of those. Where did you buy it?

@Capt.Ortiz my man thats southwest your looking at. Remember: transfarency is your friend. Stay safe out there