How many flights you do every day?

Since you can do as much flights as possible how much flights you do everyday like today or yesterday or the most you done (there’s another topic like this but got closed)

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about 5 a day

I usually do one per week, nothing more.

I still have real life stuff I need to do and enjoy :)

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For me it depends on how my day is or if I’m busy I might not do any at all but sometimes I might do maybe 2 or 3.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to do as many flights this last school year as I would have liked due to being busy (causing me to do from grad 5 to grade 3). However, now that summer is here I plan to do at least one flight a day. Today I am planning on doing 5 flights!


Going to be a fun day flying the new 737!

It honestly depends. During holidays I fly Everyday though.

i do one long haul every night


I do one every day :)

I usually do one a day because I do ultra long hauls.

Around 5. I’m in 4 different VA’s so I need to grind them.

Too many. ;)

1-5 per day

I try to fly as much as I can. Some days I can’t fly at all, some days I’ll visit every single featured airport. All depends on what’s going on elsewhere in my life

the most flights that i’ve done in one day is 4, 5or more

Normally about three per week, each roughly 1-2 hours duration.

I fly BA routes I’ve put up a schedule fir a whole month witch I fly long haul and short haul flight its 3 to 4 times a week depends on how.long my laugh hauls are if I fly Heathrow / Auckland and back its a 4 day trip 40 hours of flight.

2 Flights a day on average, 1 Short / Medium haul in the day and a Long Haul overnight

I just fly everyday. But my current flying time within 90 day period is 1,200+ hrs

About 1 long haul and 2 short

I will to do a 12 is or 18 hour flight through the night. When I land, I like to do a 6 through something flight to fill up the time before I can get back into doing a 12 to 18 hour flight.

Not a productive topic.