How Many Flights Do You Do Per Day in IF?

Roughly 2-3 proper scheduled

Its really just been flights with Frontier VA:


Usually 3 per day

1-3 a Day. Just depends on the day

My daily flights have gone up by 1000% i have done 5 (medium haul) flights today as opposed to half of one when “regions” still existed

I think i saw you at KABQ!

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You were the UPS B757F going to California??

Yes!! I was going to KOAK than back to KSDF!

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I control once a week and I will most likely do 1 proper flight a week.

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I try to do one 1-3 hour flight during the day and then one 13+ hour flight overnight.

2 Short - Medium hauls a day!

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How many flights do you do everyday?

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Is it safe to leave your phone on all night? I’m considering doing it, but I’m not sure. Will the battery life be drained?

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I used to do about 5, but now I’m averaging only 2 (because skool, it sucks now that global it out) but tomorrow or Sunday I’m going to try to get a LAX JFK flight in for SunJet testing

Put your brightness on lowest setting, Low Power Mode (iOS) and also put all settings to low. But even then its not good for the device to be running all night which is one reason I’m not sure if I am going to be doing long haul flights since my device is pretty weak as it is already.

1 short flight per school day and 1-2 long flights per weekends😊

What I did is I left it plugged in and turned on “automatic low power mode” in IF settings and then I slept when I reached cruising altitude and your phone shouldn’t be hot when you wake up just make sure you go low brightness and keep it plugged in

Yeah that works, its just the scenery isnt showing up. Im not sure what will happen when I try to land, but hopefully it doesnt crash.

Just keep it on the charger! ;)

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