How Many Flights Do You Do Per Day in IF?

Just a question, how many flights do you guys do on a daily basis in global? I usually do two, or three, but I know people who do more. Please comment below how many flights you do on a daily basis.

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I currently do one after school and another if the first one was short.
Tonight I have two planned.
On nonschool nights I will be doing my long hauls.
For instance, tonight I will be flying a long haul with a colleague at BAVA, and hopefully a short haul to my home airport.


Seven million, four hundred sixty eight thousand, five hundred twenty nine point six two.


I would say 2 depending on length like two medium hauls or 1 ultra long haul maybe 2 long hauls and up to 5 short hauls.

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Actually 3 per day. One flight continued 7 hours and two flights about 3-4 hours. But I want to fly more!

At the moment, ZERO. Waiting patiently for Global update.

Currently about 3, but with the FNF today I’ll be doing many short hauls on the west coast.

Average of 2-3 flights per day

Whish I had that luxury.

Right now, while on holiday, 3.

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You can start a flight and leave your device on and whem it comes time to land go back on. Since I’m pretty sure it will be hard for most people to stick on screen the whole duration of the flight.

As many as I can get in, today I flew the flight on was on, on IF, while being on plane. I never want to stop!

(It’s a lot to take in)

Mostly 2 since global came out . If I do transatlantic or flights over 6 gourds probably 1

I would sometimes do an overnighter then land the next morning the fly while I’m in school and the land after school and then make another flight so total is 3

Won’t bother.


Thus far ive been able to complete 2 to 3 a day, a few short to medium’s and then a longer flight over night.


1 while I’m at school,
1 overnight,
2 or 2 during the gap between those flights.


1 overnight flight to FNF on Friday
Many hops during the day or 1/2 medium haul 3/4 hours
1 more overnight flight on Saturday night.

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I try to do as many as possible

3 flights/week. None during Monday-Friday and I usually do 3 sometime on the weekend. I have lots of XP but sometimes I am at grade 4 or I drop to 3 because I can’t keep up the landings

currently doing 2 a day. this weekend im going to try to do a long haul because i will have more time