How many flight hours do you guys have

Just out of curiosity, I just wondered how many flight hours you guys have. I only have like 80 hours lol. Im sure some of you have a lot more

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(@Blackbird71). My opinion only. Not a good/fair question to ask considering the make up of the community. XP, Hours etc are not really a barometer of an individual’s ability. One guy has over a million hours, an old trick you just launch and do reciprocal in a region. Walk away check the time on the counter come back make the turn and repeat infinitum . Anyone who post a response here leaves themselves open to humiliation or an ego pump that will bring criticism me thinks. I recommend you scrub this item. Mad Max Sends
(There a Top Gun list in App, check it out)

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Million hours?

The guy that wasted his phone battery leaving the game open trying to accrue the most hours in a flight sim must not have much if a life if he thinks he can gain authority and respect on a freakin flight simulator.

Guy must be such a loser…

Long live the DC-9!

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No need to scrub this post max as this community forum is here for people to post as they wish but i do agree with yours and Trevor’s responses, my opinion is ur more of a chance gaining respect through posting useful information and helping others out on this forum, not that this is what anyone should be on here for though,

@qf737400 Just my opinion and a recommendation.! Throw out a hook, the Sharks will put blood in the waters as minnows swarm & spown. Been there done that and I’ll always regret it!
Mad Max Sends

Yeh I see where ur coming from, haha good way of putting it though

Man I feel like a baby I only just hit 24 hours XD



Since I don’t have a subscription, my time is “23.9” which I have managed to equate to around 19 hours and 55 minutes.
(I have only had IF since early march.)

Wow thats a lot

This always reminds me of how much I could’ve gotten done around the house if I had not discovered this sim…lol


Only 6hrs 10mins.

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I have about 81hrs

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Seems like a strange question to ask on the forum. Isn’t there a leader board build in to the app?

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I have about 200 hours.

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I don’t think is much.

I have 323 hours.

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i have about 45