How many degrees pitch when flaring

This is kind of embarrasing to ask as im an aviation major at purdue but how much degrees are you supposed to pitch up when flaring?
I usually go 5 degrees

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Im pretty sure that varies depend on aircraft

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I flare at around 9°

I wouldn’t look at degrees as that’s probably distracting at the most critical stage of flight, it’s just enough to arrest your descent to -100 to -200 fpm but not float all the way down the runway

I usually pitch anywhere from 5degrees to 15 degrees depending on how heavy my aircraft is and how slow I am flying in on final.

I never pitch more than 6 degrees. I usually pitch at around 4 degrees. I depends on the aircraft though. Some aircraft are more prone to tail strike than others

I always flare around 5 degrees but I also base it on my rate of descent and speed. I also pay attention to the reticle on the HUD to base my flight path.

3-7 degrees. Depends on plane and wind.

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