How many Chinese Pilots in infinite flight Community?

Are there many Chinese in IFC?My friend is making a vo now,it name is China Pilots Center, we want many people to help us to know the real number of the Chinese in ifc .

Could anyone help us.Thank you very much!

My race is Chinese and I speak Chinese, but I’ve never been to China in my life.

Do I count?

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Of course,you are also a Chinese.Is your father or mom Chinese,or they both Chinese .

I am fluent in Chinese, but am a native Hong Kongnese.

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You are a real Chinese, we all know HongKong is a part of China.

I’m fluent in Chinese, I am Chinese, but I live in the uk, my parents moved here when I was one, I can’t read Chinese though, my grandparents still live in Shanghai and I visit them once a year

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Please move the conversation to a PM.