How many badges do you have?

This is probably personal so if you don’t wanna tell that’s fine.
I have 11 badges what about you?
Don’t answer if you don’t wanna tell.

Just counted it up and I have 34

You should probably say ‘excluding badges that can be rewarded multiple times’


24 badges.
Why does it matter?

in that case 24

It Dosent just asking…


I have 30.

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I have 29 :)

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I checked your profile, you have 23…

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26 for me, kewl

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23, a couple only shared by a couple dozen other users.

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I have 30 badges

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I have 26 excluding ones awarded multiple times.

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~91 of them, after some tough Maths.

29 badges. One of the highest of regular

55 badges including ones awarded multiple times
26 badges excluding ones awarded multiple times


Including multiple awards. Maybe I miscounted also …

33, didn’t even notice these things

23 badges. Not that bad I guess.

Excluding the multiple ones I have around 20