How many aircraft do commercial airlines have?

Well? have you ever thought to ask the question? I was thinking about it today while I was playing one of my airline management apps, and saw how many planes I had. I found a rather cool answer…
I would like to know who you thought would have the most planes. I was definitely surprised.


Ive read this before, I’m suprised Emirates was not one of the top spots.

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I was too actually, with as many planes as we hear about them buying at one time, I thought for sure they’d be up there.

Apparently, EK has 230 planes:

  • 92 A380s
  • 10 777-200LRs
  • 128 777-300ERs

and orders for 224 more:

  • 50 A380s
  • 24 777-300ERs
  • 35 777-8s
  • 115 777-9s
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That makes a lot of sense, so then they’ll be at the top? With 454 planes?

They’ll make the list, but far from the top. The top three have more than 1200 planes…


But the first is China Eastern with 349…

I meant top three, sorry. They would make the list above Lufthansa and Air France.

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