How many active players?

Does anyone have statistics or an approx. number of how many active players there are playing Infnite Flight? will show you!

You must get the infinite flight map on playsrore gives you a number of players on all the servers its called (Infinite Tracker)


Will show you the active players per server

Currently, we have 1395 players playing Live

We should look in the weekens or during FNF do really get a good number then

Can you choose a server or does it only have one server.

All servers… But im not too sure.

Because I checked for inbound traffic on London Heathrow but didn’t see me on training server.ita a good app.

If thats the case I think it only shows expert server flights.

1 Like has all the stats.

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Is there a app that gives you stats on inbound and outbound traffic on airports on all servers.

Don’t think so. shows inbound/outbound traffic and more for expert server only.

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