How Luvly is Southwest?

Flight Details
Date: February 3rd, 2024
Departure Airport: Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (MSP/KMSP)
Arrival Airport: Nashville International Airport (BNA/KBNA)
Airline: Southwest
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8 (N8853Q)
Flight Number: WN 1635
Flight Time: 1h, 53m
Departure Time: 6:53 AM (2 minutes early)
Arrival Time: 8:50 AM (20 minutes early)
Cruising Altitude: FL390
Server: Expert ig

Flight Path

Context: I took an awesome day trip down to Nashville with my Dad on February 3rd. While Nashville is a very fun city, potentially even more fun is flying. My camera roll has more pictures from one flight than the entire day we spent there. Enjoy the trip report.

I haven’t flown on Southwest since I was a little tiny human (there’s a picture of me on a Southwest plane when I was maybe 9 months old), and I haven’t flown with them since. So, this was essentially a fresh look at the airline for me.

They use Terminal 2 at MSP, the much smaller of the two. We arrived at the airport about 90 minutes before our flight. It was pretty busy even at 5:00 AM, as over the next few hours most of Sun Country’s longer flights down to the Caribbean and Central America depart. Thanks to TSA PreCheck though, we were through in about 2 minutes.

Our ride down to Nashville, this lovely 737 MAX 8 had arrived in from Chicago/Midway the evening prior and spent the night in Minneapolis. I talked to our pilots for a while before boarding. Both of them were extremely friendly and willing to talk to an avgeek. When I asked about the safety of the MAX, the F/O told me that he has compete confidence in the plane and wouldn’t hesitate to fly any variant of it.

Thanks to Early Bird check in, I got A27 boarding. I was able to snag 5A, which makes for a great engine view on the MAX. The seat was pretty comfortable and modern. I’ll be sad to see those go and be replaced with their new seating from Recarro. The legroom was alright, and the seat had a nice large tray table. Pretty similar to Sun Country I think. Unfortunately the in seat power outlet wasn’t working on my flight. For whatever reason, it would’t give power to my phone. My dad’s worked fine, so it must have just been a weird thing with the chargers in 5A.

The safety card actually surprised me. It had “737 MAX 8” written on the top. Most airlines typically omit the word “MAX” given the negative connotation it has with the majority of the flying public.

We pushed back and took off, climbing straight into the clouds. As we broke through, an audible gasp went through the cabin. Some of the best sunrise views I’ve ever had from a plane were on full display, something a picture can’t quite capture. Almost immediately after departure, the flight attendants began their service. They were kind, but not overly friendly or enthusiastic. I had some good ‘ol H20 (it’s the best way to stay hydrated while flying) and the snack they offered, a little package of graham crackers. This was sufficient for a 90 minute flight, but I could see how this could be a bit of a concern on some of Southwest’s longer routes, like to Hawai’i or even cross country.

The clouds broke up over Illinois, and we were treated to some lovely views of… fields. Not too exciting. I took this opportunity to check out the Wi-Fi. I didn’t purchase their browsing option, but they had some good movies and TV shows available to watch, as well as Live TV. Their texting service was pretty speedy.

Over Kentucky we began our gradual descent into Nashville. Things got a little bumpy, but nothing more than some light chop.

We came in over some lovely looking suburbs of Nashville on the base leg of the approach.

Our landing was pretty hard. There wasn’t much of a float over the runway, and our flare seemed pretty small compared to other 737 landings I’ve been on.

Welcome to Nashville! All in all, a pretty nice flight.

The Breakdown

Seat: 7/10
Crew: 7/10
Food/Beverage: 6/10
In Flight Entertainment/Wi-Fi: 8/10
Landing: 3/10
Total: 31/50 (62%)


Weird to see you not flying Sun Country but still great report!

I’m flying an AA B777-300ER Tuesday!!

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Thank you! I know, it was weird to go to Terminal 2 and not be getting on a Sun Country plane. But, their flight to BNA was totally full when I went to book, and I wanted an experience on Southwest anyways.

Sounds awesome! I presume you mean next Tuesday, correct? What route?


Yes the 20th from MIA to JFK and back 😁

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Landing: 3/10

What the hell happened? :)

Bruh what? The window seat is an automatic 💯

I have no idea what was going on up in the flight deck.

I suppose I should have factored that in.

As a member of SWVA I can say it’s very luvly 💀

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You graded the landing a 3 for some reason.

It was a landing that the plane and it’s passengers survived, so they get some points for that.

Lovely report, but Southwest has, in my opinion, lost most if not all of the charm it once had as a small (yet big) domestic airline. Ever since the 2014 merger with AirTran, SWA’s in-flight experience has downgraded significantly and are becoming more and more like the legacy carriers. And I do not like that.

Southwest’s experience was leaps and bounds better in the 2000’s than it is now.

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So a 10 then…

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A ten would be the ultimate butter landing. I give them credit for landing safely. Beyond that, it’s about how smooth it was.

woah woah woah, that max had power ports??? how old was it

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I think you can find that out…

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no one likes you 😁

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It was pretty new, delivered in March 2023. The power ports were in an awkward spot, by your calf sort of.

Look who says…

Looking at this some how made me miss working for SWA…1 of the funniest jobs I ever had!

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So luvly that it has bags over it’s engines….