How long would this flight be?

How long would a flight from Melbourne to JFK be?

Hey! I think that flight would have 1d 3h duration with at least one stop in real life. Here is what I used to find that.

About 19 hrs according to SimBrief, of course it varies a little depending on the aircraft.

I might take the 787-8 or 9

Hey there! The direct flight would be between 20 and 20 and a half hours. To be exact, I used and it said the journey was 20h17m long.

Block time hovers around 18:30, plus or minus a few minutes depending on load, assuming you leave in 30 minutes.

Also! Atlanta to Johannes? and Johannes to ATL

You can use the website I attached above.

Is it accurate?

Take the 788 or A350.

I do believe so. The real flight time for JNB to ATL or back is around 17 hours.

I can speak on that one from experience: ATL to Jo’burg is like 15:30, return is like 16:30 (air time, not block time).


Don’t take the 788, the 789 has way more range.

No the 788 does. With a max flight time of 21:04

Okay, I was talking about real life.

Oh, I was referring to in IF

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meanwhile the 78X can go over 10000nm at almost mach 2 on casual lol

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