How long would it take to approve a topic?

Hello IFC

I don’t want to sound rude and a little impatient, but usually how long would it normally take to approve a topic?

Thank you!

Not true.

It can take 30 seconds or 24 hours. It depends on whether the mods are active and have the chance to get through it.



To put it in simple terms, it will be approved when it can and is seen by a moderator.


Hi! The only topics which needs approval are #ground-school:community-tutorials and #real-world-aviation. Mods will try approve them as soon as possible if you have good content in your post. Personally I think it could take from 10mins to 2-3 hours. If all depends on Mods and if they are active or not.

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I am waiting several hours now :P

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Okay thank you ya’ll! I have a really interesting real world aviation thread coming up soon!

It just has to get approved 😄👍



Generally when the mods/staff are online, the posts are approved within a few minutes. If after a few hours you still haven’t seen your topic posted here on the forum its likely that it was declined for one of the following reasons,

  • Not appropriate for the forum
  • Not Infinite Flight related
  • Duplicate of an existing post
  • Aircraft incident/crash
  • Anything else that a moderator may see that would affect the ability to permit the post to be approved

Hope that clarifies!



Alright, sounds good! 😄👍

Thank’s Matt!

Closed per OP request