How long would EFHK to KLAX be in Infinite Flight?

How long would EFHK to KLAX be in Infinite Flight ? I know it would be around 10 hrs. but in Infinite Flight it is a little shorter. Anybody who has done it before, what was your flight time? :)


Infinite flight has a 1:1 ratio with real time. In other words, real world time = infinite flight time. Just depends on winds


Infinite flight to real world is exactly the same amount of time. A lot of people go a little bit faster and infinite flight, so you may want to subtract about 45 to 30 minutes off of the regular flight time. Should roughly be around nine hours and 30 minutes, but Iā€™m not sure


Helsinki (EFHK) - Los Angeles (KLAX) was 10:47 hrs last time I did it.

Keep in mind, I went the realistic speed (M.83), and did it during the winter (when northern winds are a little harsher) so things can still vary!

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Hey @PilotChrisSG I highly suggest you check out, it gives you what speed you should go as well as a flight plan and flight time estimates based on current winds and speeds!

On a side-note I see that some of your topics seem to be a little repetitive. I highly recommend checking out some of the awesome tutorials in #meta:forum-guide as well as checking out some of our #ground-school:community-tutorials for more information to enrich your Infinite Flight expirience and to help gain some common courtesey tips on the Infinite Flight Forum. Have a safe flight to LAX!


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