How long will it take to get to 0.05?

I’m not having an issue I just don’t know what to categorize this as, but I’m at 14 violations/240 landings and I’m at 0.06 and to get to grade 5 I need 0.05, how many more landings will I need?

280 landings should get you to exactly 0.05.

(14/280 = 0.05)

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Makes sense, thanks :) which airport is the best airport to do go around and get a lot of landings fast, right now I use PHNL because of the runway layout and the Citation X, but I’d love to hear a new one

For me, I went on the casual server, and flew from BFI to SEA. They are super close together. SEA has 3 runways, and BFI has 2

Ohh I’ll try that thanks :P

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If you’re looking to cram, use the XCub on casual. Just touch down on a runway every 30 seconds.

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hop in a 172 in KEDW casual

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I’d do an XCub at KIWA. They have three, long parallel runways.

OMDB in the XCUB works for me, can easily rack up XP and landings

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Problem is, it’s impossible to takeoff the xcub.

Not long to be honest. I am currently at .02, and I am soon to be .00

The thing you have to remember is that violations expire after a year, and therefore, are not counted in this ratio. My latest violation occurred 329 days ago. In two months, I’ll be violation free.

Just keep up the good aviation and obey server rules. You’ll get there in no time.


when I need to cram landings, I do laps in an F22 at KPIT on casual, start at the FedEx ramp, takeoff from 28R, flip a u-turn, and touch and go on either 10C/10R, then flip another u-turn and go back to 28R, and so on

Alright thanks everyone for the replies sorry I was having dinner, thanks all :)