How Long Will Global Flights Be?

I’ve seen a recent post where somebody said they can’t wait for IF to update with Global so they would be able to sleep while their device was running on IF on autopilot. So if in the game you can flight from i.e: New York-London, will it be 8 hours like in real life? If yes, add the Concorde.

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If you don’t want to fly for 8 hours -

Don’t fly transatlantic. I don’t know why people keep complaining when it’s your own choice. No one is forcing you to fly across the atlantic.


Yes, it will take the actual time to fly from place to place.


Can we just pin what you said, but like, every time you refresh the page it shows up again like one of those ads? Just so people get it in their heads?


It’s in real time and no your not obligated to do long hauls(5+ hrs) and if you still want to do them then do it on casual to avoid being ghosted.