how long to wait to hear back from controller regarding a ghosting?

hi guys

any ideas on how long i should leave it? wanted to spend tonight flying and im certain the ghosting was a mistake/unwarranted

do pay for the online service at the end of the day so this is quiet frustrating…

Just be patient you controller should be with you! Remember to be patient!

is there a general time frame we’re advised to wait?

I would say just wait for about a day, (don’t quote me on this) but that is most likely the longest you would have to wait. And again that is the max, most controllers are active a lot so, again it could be in the next couple of hours or in the next day.

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The controllet’s on Expert are very professional just p.m. the controller and when they’re not busy controlling or with their personal life they will be more than happy to get back to you as it’s an opportunity for learning on both parties

Oh yeah, forgot, also can be handled via PM :)

its been about 2 hours, messaged as i was ghosted…

i appreciate all that but also the pilots do have lives commitments etc and it can be downing when this happens

This cold also help you out:

2 hours is not a long time so just be patient!

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Remember that these controllers have their own lives too! Just be patient for them to reply back.

IFATC, have those same commitments too.


The impact of 2hrs in the context of every individual pilot on IF may be different… please note :)

Yes, I take that into note :)

Listen, before this topic gets out of hand, PM your controller and get it figured out there. Remember to be patient and handle it in a “mature” manner!

‘i appreciate all that but also the pilots do have lives commitments etc and it can be downing when this happens’

quote the full comment and you’ll see i acknowledged that very fact made by jeodanie_smith

thanks for your input.

If they don’t respond within 24hrs, message a moderator and we’ll wake that individual up. 🙂


You have two other servers available at all times FYI.

Thanks for the reminder! I paid (and still pay) and put in the time to be credible enough to get onto the expert server however :)

I have been in causal since being ghosted however FYI :)

n587kk ‘sez’ … First time i’ve been here in a year actually. Get the facts right. Also note, things evolve, should try it instead of being repetitive, boring, predictable. Thank you, don’t come again.

Controller has been contacted. Please be patient as there are timezone and other factors that play into our volunteers ability to respond. You can always send a replay to moderators if you would like.