How long to maintain ATC on Airport

Hello Everyone,

I am thinking to pass the ATC recruitment but one question still remain to me…

How long should or must we stay online (minimum) when controlling an airport?

I have very short period when I am flying with infinite flight, and I know that sometimes, you expect that the controllers will be still there when you start your approach at the airport…!!!



When you control a class Charlie, your minimum open time should be 30 mins.

Class bravos are 1 hour


OK Nice , thanks for fast answer…


What Diamondgaming4 described applies only to expert server controllers. If you are controlling on the training server, there is no time requirement when controlling. I do recommend however staying open at least for 30 minutes if you are preparing to take the ATC practical test and are trying to gather pilots to fly a training session for you.


But typical ATCs on EGLL on a Training server lasts only 5 mins or shorter

Mmh, I’d say that it is easier to say than to do… Even if you go to a small HUB, to gather pilots is difficult… Was just 1hour active at a small HUB… No souls at all…

That’s a little bit of a stretch…

This is why you should open a tracking thread or get in touch with a trainer.

Did both… Trainer said that he/she couldn’t teach me anything and that I was quite ready for my practicals… Also, due time it would not fit.

Having a tracking thread doesn’t really help always. Lately, it didn’t for me. I can see that also at other threads.

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