How long to get to Grade 3?

How long did it take for you all to get to grade 3? I want to know because I’ve just started working towards it And I want to know what I’m in for


It really depends on how much you play. For me, it took about a month after reaching Grade 2.


On average expect getting 1,000xp points / flight hour. You can improve this ratio by doing touch and goes, especially in windy conditions. Avoid violations at all cost.

And I realize I am not answering your question directly - but with that information and how many hours you fly a day you can do an estimate. Like @Captain_Mattsaid, it’s really up to you.


Totally dependent on how you fly and how often you fly. Be prepared and capable for expert before you get there.


Also, once you’re up to grade 3, just one wrong move and you’re back down to grade 2. :(

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I was a grade three before some update and then I got moved to grade 2. Some poor fella got moved from 5 to 2

Took me less than a month

Thanks, I’ll take your advice into account

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The question is not the grade but your skills. The grading system is based about the competences of a pilot. Normally a grade 3 can interact with the ATC and control the airplane better than a grade 2 and so on. There are people that focus on grading and they let their airplanes flying in autopilot for hours and hours just to gain experience. I think that a better question is: how many time takes to me to reach a sufficient skill to fly a realistic flight with a good interaction with ATC. My answer is: you have to read all the tutorials and do pattern work in an airport with active ATC :-)

Took me 10 days. But I do a lot of long flights with the one and only 172…

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