How long to get Grade 3 back?

Hi guys.The new update has coming right now.I will play Infinite Flight back on 19th December.How long for me to get back to grade 3?Because I was at Grade 1 right now.I have plan to make a 5 hours flight every day.

Here is my grade right now.

I have an event after a few days.

I hope you guys can help me.
Thanks guys.

User guide says you need to have 10 hours and 15 landings in the last 90 days in order to be grade 3, so 2 five hour flights, a bit of pattern work and you’re back to expert (oh and also grade 3) once again.

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I just recommend to fly. Soon you’ll be at grade 3 in no time!

Ok.I really want to join IFATC again after I get back to Grade 3.

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What you can do is by choosing a GA aircraft of your choice and then doing circuits at an airport. That would get you to 15 landings pretty soon. Then just fly atleast 1 long haul or 2 medium hauls any of which would take you to 10 hours. Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions let me know! :)

Thanks bro.I have not play Infinite Flight Simulator for 6 month right now.It’s time to get back to the sky.SYS.

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No problem! Have a great time flying! Cheers!

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