How long till I’m back to Grade 4?

I was flying overnight and ran out of fuel. When I woke up and checked on my flight, I was out of fuel, and had crashed with 6 vios. I am currently a Grade 1, and want to know how long it will take till I’m back to a Garde 4

Pretty sure it’s 7 days. Your grade table tells you when things will drop off though.


I know it’s 7 days till I’m Grade 2, but I’m not sure about after that

It’s actually 24 hours after you receive the violations you are gd 2

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So for G2 it’s 24 hours and then for G3 and above its 7 days dude.

Edit: @Luke_Sta beat me to it haha


Ok, thanks. I’m really disappointed in myself for not giving myself enough fuel. This will have a toll on how long it takes for me to become Grade 5 for sure.

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Don’t be. This happened to me as well a couple weeks ago.

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Grade 4 violations in the last 7 days = 0.

It will take exactly 168 hours from receiving your violations.


Ok, thank you. You can shut this down now

I am coming out of the 7 day penalty box Monday for flaking on my descent…


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