How long of a subscription should I buy?

I can say novice at Infinite Flight. Although I have been playing for 2 months, but I do not have a subscription. What do you think, for how long to take a subscription?

Can you elaborate further it’s hard to understand what is being asked here 👍🏻

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Did you not log in when it told you to? Also you may of only gotten the 1 month sub.

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If your asking what subscription you should get, It depends on how long you think you’ll play global. If your planning on playing long term, I recommend getting a 6 or 12 month subscription as it’s a better deal. However, if your not sure how long you want to play or if you’ll even like it, I recommend going with the 1 month subscription.

Hope this helps :)


Are you asking about how long you should play before you buy a subscription?
Because if you are, then it’s really up to you. If you feel you’d want to get access to everything now, then go ahead and buy the subscription. But if you want to wait until you’re more experience, then go ahead.

But if you’re asking how long you have to fly before Infinite Flight gives a subscription to you (without paying any money), that won’t happen. Subscriptions will require you to purchase either the 1 month, 6 month or 12 month plan. Infinite Flight will not provide free Subscriptions.

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I would choose the full year because you access to live 24/7 all year it’s worth it


I would recommend the yearly subscription you can only keep it for one year and then remove it as you won’t have to pay every month, it’s better to pay a lot once than 12 times a year

If you’ve been playing IF a lot in the last 2 months then get a 6 or 12 month because it is better value as others have said. What you really Don’t want to do is commit to year subcription for you only to play for 5 months before getting bored. If you can’t judge if you’ll play it for a whole year get the 6 months sub and that would take you up to 8 months and you will most likely see if this is something you can keep up long term.

Yeah it basically pays itself off

I just buy lF Global in monthly increments. There’s no way I could play an entire year round, I’ve just got to much stuff to do. I strategically buy it when I feel I can make the most of it. I bought it just recently because I was on fall break, and Thanksgiving break is coming up soon so I can play the most during this time frame.

If this is your first time buying a subscription, then maybe just buy the 1-month plan once before you commit $80 to IF.
Once you know you would like to continue the subscription, then I’d certainly go for a 1-year plan. But just in case, I’d get the one-month plan first just to try Pro out and make sure you’d want to spend more money on IF.

I recommend the full year - It’s the cheapest option instead of month to month

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